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This application helps you to know your deepest thoughts.

Its useful for finding meaning in otherwise, seemingly random words. Do these randomly chosen words hold a deeper truth?

The experience of using Proverb Maker can be compared to that of admiring an abstract piece of art, or even watching an unfamiliar game of sport, where much is left to your imagination to create meaning. Who knows, you might stumble upon something epic profound or maybe just a smaller humble truth. The potency of the proverb is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Another use you might find for PROVERB MAKER is that of Oracle, or fortune-teller. The proverbs may make your daily life more colourful and romantic, help suppport your already positive lifestyle or help you in making a clean break with an already debauched day.

I hope that this application will be helpful to you, whether your at work, school, or just enjoying a hot bath. It is also a great companion for longer visits to the bathroom, where I imagine people do most of their pondering and reflecting.

--- How to use ---

Simply shake your iPhone and a special proverb will be created in an instant. Enjoy it for a second or two, or shake again for a new Proverb.

If you think youve stumbled upon a real gem of a proverb then simply touch the screen and save it. You can even use it as a wallpaper.

Now, go forth! Create and enjoy your own proverbs, anytime, anywhere.